Wholesale Yoga Mats | Color Choices for Yoga Mats Wholesale

Wholesale Yoga Mats | Color Choices for Yoga Mats Wholesale

Buying Wholesale Yoga Mats for your Studio 


Buying the correct yoga mats for a yoga studio is one of the keys to the success of the studio and its clients. One of the most over looked aspects of buying wholesale yoga mats is color choice. How do you know if you have enough colors to please everyone? Are able to buy good looking yoga mats at low wholesale prices? Kulae has the yoga mats and colors for every yogi that will walk into your studio.


Wholesale Yoga Mats tpECOmat colors vs. EASYmat colors

Experienced yogis may be looking for a colorful eco-friendly yoga mat, this would be the tpECOmat! The tpECOmat is a 3mm yoga mat that comes in multiple colors including tangergine/blueberry, harvest/moon, sugar/plum, slate/moss, blue/steel, golden/orchid, midnight/blossum, and sea/slate. Retail priced at $39 dollars this is the perfectly priced eco-friendly double colored yoga mat. Make sure to sign up for a MyKulae account to see our wholesale yoga mat prices on the tpECOmat. Keep in mind if your clients are looking for these fun colors in a thicker size mat check out the tpECOmat plus and tpECOmat ultra!


Amatuers to Pros if your customers are looking for a solid one color yoga mat the EASYmat is the perfect choice for them. The EASYmat is a 6p free, 3mm, eco yoga mat that comes in four solid colors. (EASYmat black, EASYmat blue, EASYmat red, and EASYmat purple.) 6P Free means that there are no traces of the top 6 most harmful Phthalates: dehp, dbp, bbp, dinp, didp, and dnop.


Yoga Mats Wholesale

So now that you know what colors we have and what option yoga mats you can select from, it is time for you to select the arrangement that will best fit your yoga studio! We always recommend for first time buyers to order a couple mats of each size and color. See how fast each of them sell and then place your next order accordingly. Make sure to always check back on the website for the new colors we come out with each season!


We understand you take pride in offering a wide range of products to your customers so we want you to be able to buy our wholesale yoga mats in a variety of colors and sizes at the right price from us.



 Contact a member of team kulae today for current wholesale yoga mat prices or sign up for a wholesale account at www.MyKulae.com

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